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The organizational structure of the Center

Cập nhật ngày: 16/03/2012

One of the objectives of the Center for small and medium enterprise south bridge is to be mounted to support investors and companies, supporting small and medium enterprises in the South improving competitiveness, access to capital as well as domestic and foreign partners.

Leadership Center, including Director and a Deputy Director of


Center Director is responsible to the Director a comprehensive Enterprise Development Department, the Minister of Planning and Investment on the organization, management and administration activities of the Centre. The Deputy Director shall be responsible to the Center Director of the Center on areas of work assigned to them. Director of the Centre by the Minister of Planning and Investment appointed immune.


Units of the Center include:


- Central Office


- Department of Training


- Consulting


On the basis of actual capacity and deployment tasks of each period, the Director of the Center submitted to competent authority to decide to set up additional room functions as needed.


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