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Functions and tasks

Cập nhật ngày: 16/03/2012

FUNCTION The Assistance Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the South (SMESTAC) has the function to conduct and implement policies and programmes om SMEs support in Southern area.



* To conduct training programmes to improve business management capacity for SMEs.

* To provide consultancy and to act as focal point in collecting, providing and disseminating information to SMEs on technology, technique, manufacturing management and other business development services (BDS).

* To carry out and promote business linkage.

* To implement some pilot projetcs on direct support to SMEs as designated

* To manage and use the capital, assests and human resource of the Center as regulated by the law to carry out the designated duties.

* To execute state support programmes for SMEs as assigned function and mandates.

* To propose to the leaders of Enterprise Development Agency (EDA) on issues relating to developing policy and and measures for SME suppport.

* To publish and issue publication for enterprise suppport activities, tranning, disseminating information, promoting the image of the Center and the enterprises as stipulated by the law.                                                                                                     

* To implement other assigned missions and duties.


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